Bunch of Stuff for Sale

Parts came off of or were left over/unused from my Swinger build. I'd like to clear some space, especially for the stroller I'll be buying soon. :)

Pinto/Swinger/Maxi/tons of other mopeds taillight, small chip on side that isn't noticeable unless you know you're looking for it, $10

Spark plug cover/boot, used, $2

GUIA chrome headlight assembly. Unsealed type with 12V high/low bulb included, new $14

Tomos 12V lighting coil, $10

Puch 6V external ignition coil (maybe can be used as 12V?), used, $5

High flow aftermarket air filter w/chrome housing, $10

Puch Maxi/Pinto swingarm, with lollipop chain tensioners, used, $15

Puch E50/Bing 12mm intake manifold, $5

5-ft. length of #41 chain for driveline with 2 master links, new, $10

6-volt sealed lens/bulb assembly, fits most standard housings (same dia. as Guia), new $8

Stock Swinger 2 mirror with all hardware. Some rust on stem, but perfect for a ratbike/patina look, $5

All items are available for pickup in Los Angeles, near Culver City/Santa Monica.

Check back since I'll be adding some more stuff in the next couple of days, and please e-mail so that I can keep this thread easy to read when I update it. :) Thanks!

Re: Bunch of Stuff for Sale

MAdeleted nitronick /

I will take both headlights emailing

Re: Bunch of Stuff for Sale

I thought it was fairly obvious, but prices do not include shipping. Does me no good to sell something and end up with $2 on something I'm selling for $10 after shipping and Paypal fees. :)

Re: Bunch of Stuff for Sale

MAdeleted nitronick /

Actually, I don't see anything here that says you don't want to ship, other than the fact that you say "All items are available for pickup in Los Angeles." If you did not want to ship stuff you should have said, items for local pickup only!

What does you no good, is to send rude email's to people that send you offers to buy stuff that you are trying to sell.

Re: Bunch of Stuff for Sale

I never told you I wouldn't ship, just that prices don't include shipping. What I'm wondering is, why would I offer things for sale where the pickup price would be the same as a shipped price? Doesn't make sense to me, so feel free to clarify that for me.

My e-mail to you simply said that the prices do not include shipping and that I couldn't make a deal for the price you offered. I wasn't talking about you or anyone in particular for that matter (I've received 5 e-mails since yesterday, so it was a generalized clarification of my original post for those who had asked), but since you decided to reply to me here, I'll do the same: offering me "a couple bucks for shipping" (your words) doesn't really cover anything outside of a padded envelope's worth of stuff, so I don't know how I would be able two send a complete headlight assembly plus a sealed bulb assembly for "a couple bucks".

If you feel that I was rude for whatever reason, I apologize -- I was headed out the door and sent the reply via my phone. But, it certainly wasn't meant that way.

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