FT: za50 for e50

looking to trade my za50 with intake 12mm carb, benji cdi, stock cylinder, bullet pipe. Pretty much a complete running motor.

Looking to trade for an e50 preferably with a aftermarket crank.


Re: FT: za50 for e50

Hey Justin. How does it run? bearings all good? anything funky about it? I have an e50 that I'm about to get a crank for. I may be willing to trade. Get back at me.


Re: FT: za50 for e50

Rob @t ATTN! Burrito /

i have an e50 that could use a crank and bearings if you're down for trade + cash=-=

Re: FT: za50 for e50

kevin i called you, call me back.

e50 plus 140 or so would be chillllzzpzzzozozooz

Re: FT: za50 for e50


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