Cleaning out the closet

I'm going to sell my Tomoses. I've got two frames, a step through, black spray job, red commie stars on the side. Frame is solid, electronics are intact, minimalistic look, (no side covers or fairings, angled intake for easy carb access, no speedo). No engine. Brakes work but are sub par. Also, a black model with center tank, gold rims. Little rough around the edges. A-35 engine with 70cc kit. Kit has about 660-800 miles on it.

Have parts of about 2 more A 35 engines, including some solid engine casings, decent stock cylinders, parts of lots of carbs, some fresh gaskets, many jets, various electronic. Don't really have spare usable magnetos or coils. If you want parts, I may be able to help. Will email pics of particular things on request. I think I have a picture of the commie rat-bike on my profile. Will sell everything I have for $300, pick up only. Asheville, NC.

Re: Cleaning out the closet

how much for the a35??

Re: Cleaning out the closet

i need a complete clutch assembly,carb.,intake,reed much?

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