WTB Noped


I'm in MN and I want to get a noped that is already fixed up...or one that can be kitted for more power and speed.

I do have an 82 FA50 available for trade....it just doesn't have the power or goes fast enough for this hilly town.

Let me know if you have something


Re: WTB Noped

I've got a 77 NC50 "pony express", 70cc parma kit (mild porting), boysen dual stage reeds for moded motors, 15sha, unipod, big ass curvy exhaust, custom fenders, and a pinto tank (or a larger motorcycle tank) 2.75 rear tire, 2.25 front hits 45+ easily and quickly, even with 200lbs on it. I'll toss in some Nos brake pads as well cause you'll need them when blasting up on traffic. $800 obo. If you'll pay full price you'll get a big box of extra express parts., fenders bars, frame, tanks, carbs, intakes, cable, contols, lights,, starter.

Re: WTB Noped

Thanks for the message Derek...but that's too much for me....money wise.


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