WTB 103 5 coil stator, and ht coil

Thats right.....

With all of you peugeot dudes buying CDI units... I know someone must have a 5 coil peugeot set-up they want to sell for cheap. Let me know. Thanks!!

Re: WTB 103 5 coil stator, and ht coil

Please?? I know somone out there has a good one they would like some monies for.....Right??

Re: WTB 103 5 coil stator, and ht coil

I think 99% of people upgrading to the CDI had the two coil set up.

I upgraded to the CDI because I tried two NOS Coils and both failed. (Not the treats ones, but 20 year old ones from handy bikes.)

I looked for a 5 coil set-up for over six months before i gave into the CDI.

I'm not saying not to keep looking, you just might want to start thinking about plan B.

Good luck on your quest! I hope you find one! Maybe off a 102?

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