WTB...TFR project in seattle

Im looking for a kinetic project in Seattle. Id prefer a running bike but TFR's usually aren't so all offers will be considered.lol

Re: WTB...TFR project in seattle

i know someone has one rotting away...

Re: WTB...TFR project in seattle

lol, With the general consensus being that these are pieces of crapola i figured id have at least one offer by now. c'mon seattle

Re: WTB...TFR project in seattle


Re: WTB...TFR project in seattle

Yeah, I really want a TFR to build too.

I hear the newer ones are way fast, like 34 mph stock.

I also hear the new ones have goofy cranks that don't accept vespa variators.

I can't confirm either.

Re: WTB...TFR project in seattle

i can confirm, checkthis out http://www.kinetictfr.com/blog/?p=252

my 97 had crank cut just like vespa one.

one nice thing about the newer ones is that the pedal crank shaft is higher up, so you don't scrape your pedals as easily, also the old one its bigger than most so u can't use any other crank arms, cant confirm but i think newer one may fit standard arms, shorty ones for even less scrapyness.

Re: WTB...TFR project in seattle

C'mon people, you know you've got one!.. Mabye id trade my moby for a Ciao... Moby has a new fast cyl+piston+Del 15 installed with less than 30 miles on them, Motor mounts just pooped out....I Might be interested in other peds too, just want something new

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