free stuff..

Jake Shaughnessy /

i have alot of random stuff that i dont want or need. so as i find stuff ill post it here. first off is a maxi n luggage rack. kinda junky but would be cool on a rat maxi n.

i also have a free spirit rack thats in ok shape.

and some random cover that says trident. no clue what its from.

all free, just pick it up from me or pay for shipping.


Re: free stuff..

Jake Shaughnessy /

pic of the trident cover


Re: free stuff..

hmm, Triumph made a bike called a Trident. Could be from that, BUMP!

Re: free stuff..

hey i just got a ratty rigid maxi and that rack looks alot better than the one that came with mine! im going to send you an email now...

Re: free stuff..

Crossvalley Tonysieze /

senta emailzzz

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