Fair price for a Puch Newport L

What is the value of a good condition Puch Newport L (white)? It runs and has a title. Thanks

Re: Fair price for a Puch Newport L

Rob @t ATTN! Burrito /

oh wow a white one, that's a Newport L,TD. silver front fender with white sidecovers and the speed enhanced 2" rims. they were numbered on the speedo- which number is it? there was only 5000 of them made a year. running mint with a title expect to pay between $35 - $600, although i've seen one on craigslist for $2000 this past summer.

Re: Fair price for a Puch Newport L

I don't know much about the mopeds but some people posted the exact same ones on the forums here.


Looks like that. would you say 400 is a good price? I got the person to go down from 600 THanks

Re: Fair price for a Puch Newport L

That depends on how the thing runs. When I sell maxis for $400 they have decent tanks, little to no rust, and can do a solid 32ish mph. All the chrome should be in decent shape, maybe a little rust here and there. Basically it needs to be a solid running moped, that's what I'd expect for a stock maxi at that price. If it is and rides well then I'd say go for it.

Re: Fair price for a Puch Newport L

DAM' Fairchild /

i like the newport models. i have a yellow 77 1hp. i would love to have another. let me know.

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