WTB: E50 Stator and Coil

can't seem to get a spark, figured this was a good place to start. Points work for me!

email me with price. must be fully functional, please

Re: WTB: E50 Stator and Coil

i have a stator. If you would like ill put a new set of points and a condensor in it for ya. We would need to talk money depending on what kinda pionts you want.

treats sometimes has em but they are not nos and are from the hero things. also they are 12volt.

Re: WTB: E50 Stator and Coil

Treats is out of E50 stator plates at the moment, so I brought the hunt here. I don't really see myself paying more then what I would get it for on treats (25), as I would wait until he restocks.

Hoping someone has an extra they are willing to part ways with.

thanks matt!

Re: WTB: E50 Stator and Coil


Re: WTB: E50 Stator and Coil


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