WTB: PA50II Hobbit H20 kit

I recently came across the Malossi 68cc H20 kits on the Camino Tuning forums.

As far as I can tell, they're no longer in production. Does anyone know where I might be able to find one? Sounds silly, but I know there's gotta be a way!

I really want to have a watercooled bike. If anyone knows where a source might be for one, please let me know! Don't want to try any of those scooter kits. I'd rather have the original Camino Malossi or Polini watercooled kit.


Re: WTB: PA50II Hobbit H20 kit

super silly.. LOL

Look in japan.

Re: WTB: PA50II Hobbit H20 kit

Japan? Are you serious or toying with me?

Whachya mean super silly? Aren't mopeds about fun? I'm the type of person who will try anything even if it means mechanical head aches for little to no gain. Sure, it might be silly thinking someone on MA might have one - but there have been weirder things.

There was a thread where someone said they had a Malossi one. To my surprise, the thread was from '09...not years old...so I guess it isn't that silly!

I don't want this to get thread shit with the whole 'water cooled is ghey' shit...not interested in hearing what anyone has to say on that subject. The fact is, I'm willing to drop way too much coin on an original water cooled kit for my Honda for the simple fact that it will be a blast having worked with water cooling and learning about it.

Re: WTB: PA50II Hobbit H20 kit

Stacy no joke.. might find something rare over there for the pa50's.. or caminos.

Re: WTB: PA50II Hobbit H20 kit

Nice, thanks Ed!

Sounds dumb, but do you have any links? I've searched "camino kits" and turned up the same stuff over and over.

eBay is pretty dry at the moment.

Still searchin'!

Re: WTB: PA50II Hobbit H20 kit

youre never going to find one.

treats brought in 3 like in 07, last i heard 1 disappeared one was seized and destroyed and the other.. well i know where that is and its yet to be installed.

Re: WTB: PA50II Hobbit H20 kit

Yeah, the only one I have only seen like 2 for sale.

One was on some euro ebay and went for way too much money.

The other one was on a bike that was sold in europe that went for almost nothing.

Watercooling adds a lot of complications for not a lot of gain. You see it a lot in modern scooters that have had their balls cut off by the EPA. Its a little different when the system was designed from the ground up for watercooling, as opposed to making it work on a moped.

In my opinion there are already so many little problems that pop up on kitted bikes, that adding scalding hot liquid and a delicate system that if it fails would probably result in major damage just isn't a good idea.

I actually made this exact same post last year. I found out they made them, and I was like oh damn I need one. Then I found out that they are impossible to get and not easy to run so I just went with a regular kit and pipe and was very pleased with the results.

The hobbit has a lot of potential. An air cooled system will get you going as fast as you want to go. Trust me.

What you could do if you wanted to run a little leaner would be to set up some kind of forced air, either off of the battery or from a cowl or vent funneling air onto your cylinder.

Re: WTB: PA50II Hobbit H20 kit

did you make a post on the camino-tuning international general forum? a lot of those dudes are really helpful, and might have one....


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