headlight lens for allstate needed

I will happily double your money. Sell me the glass lens part out of yours or someone willing to part with theirs.

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Thanks so much you helpful mo-ped lovers!

Re: headlight lens for allstate needed

you can use saran wrap for that that what i had on my puch for years

Re: headlight lens for allstate needed

hehe, I'm using clear packing tape to hold together about 3 pieces of broken glass. Yeah, it works, but I like smoothness.

I worked on my brother's 1957 allstate this spring. Put a new piston in, rings, etc. Replaced his shifter cables and some others. Anyway; long story-short: he's been letting some kid use it all summer. he ruined the swing arm. He LOST the $300 tail light, and it's only getting worse. I was planning on buying it this summer from him.... Now I don't know. I do want it, but I hate having to fix everything on it because of mere stupidity. I should steal his headlight lens; but I won't.

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