Gauging intrest - e50 Polini

Howdy folks. Gauging interest on an e50 case matched to a 62cc polini. I didn't ride much on it before my good friend decided to do a wheelie at 30mph. Needless to say he looped out when he hit power band and now I have a sweet engine, and nothing to strap it to. Umm... before and after the Polini upgrade, which was only about a month ago (still not broken in), the tranny oil was changed frequently. No claks or grinds ever. Runs perfect. Will include a SHA 16.16 carb, intake, intake riser, and if you're really nice I'll throw in a Proma GP. Send me offers.

These offers will decide whether I keep the setup and find a new frame, or scrap the idea of Puchs and go French or something.

Thanks guys!

Re: Gauging intrest - e50 Polini

Probably Fred /

Are you sure its not a molossi 62 cc

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