WTB/WTT for Derbi Frame

So I got hit by a car a while back on my derbi variant SLE, and it's really bent, but has been still ride-able... kinda... I think it's getting worse though... so I need a derbi frame!

preferably one that was for a pyramid reed engine...

My forks are still good, so if you have a frame without forks, that's cool.

Any color. rust, whatevs...

If you know of another frame, ie. RD-50, diablo, lagoona, TT, variant, etc that would work with my engine (pyramid reed) that'd be awesome too!

It'd be awesome to get a top tank, because it uses so much gas, but I know that's wishful thinking...

I just need another derbi frame that'll work, I need the derbi quality! yeah.

What I've got to trade?

well, some money of course, but I don't have alot, so I've got some other cool stuff if ya wanna work something out...


-Near mint Green Puch Murry frame.

-Near mint Blue with white/blue decals Tomos A3 frame (fits a35/55 too) with shiny chrome spoke wheels and good tires.

-Puch engine, 70cc 6port kit with brand new piston and just broken in cylinder, side intake 15 Delorto, leovince exhaust, race crank, tuned and ready to bolt on.

I've got a few other things to trade, but some of those should give me some bites? please I need this buddys!

Shipping is possible and we can work out those details if necessary.


Re: WTB/WTT for Derbi Frame

I have a yellow TT frame. Hit me up

Re: WTB/WTT for Derbi Frame

That Sucks!

i just got a derbi SL with the Pyramid reeds, obviously you can't have it, but share your mods!


Re: WTB/WTT for Derbi Frame

I have a red Derbi frame and fork. Did you need both or just the frame?

Re: WTB/WTT for Derbi Frame

Sorry I didn't read your whole post. You don't need forks.

Re: WTB/WTT for Derbi Frame

Possible trade for the murry frame.

Re: WTB/WTT for Derbi Frame

Cool, Emailed ya John!

Re: WTB/WTT for Derbi Frame

i have a red sle/america frame that i would trade for the puch engine. let me know.

Re: WTB/WTT for Derbi Frame

talk to orangerobin.

last i heard he had an extra derbi tt frame laying around.

wheels and forks too

Re: WTB/WTT for Derbi Frame

orangerobin I think lives in CA right? that's pretty far to ship a frame... still not outta the question, but I think TT frames are for Flat reed engines right? and those have different swingarm engine mounting, If I'm not mistaken...

Ben, I just replied to your Email.

Re: WTB/WTT for Derbi Frame

I have one for a pyramid engine needs to be cleaned and painted

Re: WTB/WTT for Derbi Frame

) Cupermcnewbster ( /


tt's use piston port motors, same motor mounting as the pyramid reed. Flat reed frames won't work.

Re: WTB/WTT for Derbi Frame

) CuperAWESOMO ( /

I have a pretty nice green TT frame but I'm also in CA. I also have another piston port/pyrimid reed frame with a sweet ghetto white rattle can jobber. I do enjoy me some puch engines, let me know if you want to work something out.

Re: WTB/WTT for Derbi Frame

I am in Kansas City Mo. Sometimes in St. Louis too. I can bring any of my stuff to future rallies if its planned out.

Re: WTB/WTT for Derbi Frame

good to know about those TTs working with pyramid engines. thanks!

Thomas, does the Green TT have forks? I've always wanted one of those green ones!

Re: WTB/WTT for Derbi Frame

) CuperAWESOMO ( /

It should have forks last time I checked. I took the engine off to rebuild my race motor. I'll try to get you pics soon.

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