WTB: Derbi Variator

Looking to buy the front half of a variator for an SL as well as the nut that holds it on to the crankshaft

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you already broke into it!

wait for me you ass, you around tomorrow?


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no, and yes!

No, I just started going through what's there, and the variator is missing some small parts, namely the little plastic clips that allow the outboard half of the belt pulley to move smoothly against the ramp plate, and obviously the nut that holds the whole thing onto the crank.

Also, the ignition coil is chopped up, and the points and condenser are missing.

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(bored waiting in line at deli counter)

Also the variator weights are missing all but one of the little plastic shims that keep them aligned.

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Mars, I have a clutch/variator set-up. Also have points and stuff. Wasn't planning on selling cause they are really hard to find and it's nice to have a spare. I would let it go for the right price. Send me an email with an offer.

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