WTB: Puch maxi Frame + wiring

So my best buddy decided to loop out doing a wheelie on my bike at about 30mph.... so the frame is OK, but has a gas leak out of the gas tank bladder and bent the fork. So I am looking to remove my built Polini engine and plugging it into a really nice frame (cause that's what I HAD) Hoping to do minimal wiring and whatnot so a frame with an engine removed would be fine. Dont need fork or rear suspension (unless they are aftermarket) or engine! Please send pics of what you have. Thanks!

in Portland

ps. OR if you have a bike you wanna trade that's built, maybe a 103 or something, that would be sweet too... the exterior of my frame is fine, but it now has a blown tank (maybe repairable?)

Re: WTB: Puch maxi Frame + wiring

......... would also consider a Magnum frame that has e50 mounting points (though I think they're all the same). THANKS!!

Re: WTB: Puch maxi Frame + wiring


Re: WTB: Puch maxi Frame + wiring

Not too sure of what you're wanting...but...I have a newport frame in pretty nice shape, and I still have the wiring for it. I'll email you, and we'll specify from there.

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