FS: New Thule Fairing #873 52"wide

Top Quality Fairing. Price: $50 Shipped


Thanks 4 Lookin.

Re: FS: New Thule Fairing #873 52"wide

Moped buy/sell???

You're always posting non-moped stuff on here, try craigslist man.

Re: FS: New Thule Fairing #873 52"wide

This is the Sites Buy Sell (It just happens that it doesn't have categories.)

I listed it at less than 1/2 the new price. If you have a problem with me giving people deals Piss Off!

Thanks for the FREE Bump.

Re: FS: New Thule Fairing #873 52"wide

It's got one category, it's MOPED.

I got no problem with you but just imagine if every user of this site starts selling all the random shit they have on here. The board will be cluttered with non-moped related crap. I don't know about you but I come here for mopeds, nothing else.

Think about the guys selling cheap nikes and software, it's not moped related so it shouldn't be here; well at least you're a moped rider so it's not as bad as that but hopefully you get my point.

Best of luck selling your fairing.

Re: FS: New Thule Fairing #873 52"wide

Point noted. Ride Safe!

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