WTB: WHITE puch long seat

does anyone have a white puch long seat? or at least know where i can get one? 1977's doesn't have them in stock anymore, so i ordered the white universal Citta long seat. unfortunately, they sent me the wrong seat. the sent the Citta sport seat, which has welding brackets for a honda hobbit, and is just overall ugly. i called them, and they said they don't have any of the citta long seats anymore, so now i'm shit outta luck. my whole design scheme centered around having a white long seat. does anyone else make one or sell one?

Re: WTB: WHITE puch long seat

pretty please? anybody know anywhere else that sells a white long seat

Re: WTB: WHITE puch long seat

no one? is 77's ever going to get their white puch long seat back in stock? you'd think they would take it off their site if it wasn't coming back.. but it's been gone for months

Re: WTB: WHITE puch long seat

I don't have one, but I would suggest buying a new/used black one, and either recovering it or sending it out to be recovered. Just my .02. Free bumpz.

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