WTB yamaha DT parts tach cable,blinkers,fast parts

hey guys

i just bought a 1988 yamaha DT 50 LC and there are a few parts i need for it

blinkers: the bike has a 6 volt system so im guessing any 6 volt blinkers will do

tach cable, the tachometer doesnt work and im pretty sure the cable us faulty

set of mirrors. because im going to register it as a bike it will need a set of mirrors

go fast parts...anything you got, big bore kit, matching carb, exhaust, reeds, methanol injection you name it

thanks alot guys :)

Re: WTB yamaha DT parts tach cable,blinkers,fast p

DT50s are pretty fast as is...i want one badly.

go to your local motorcycle shop for mirrors and turn signals, if you dont care about them being original yamaha equipment, i can pretty much guarantee theyll have something that will work fine.

Re: WTB yamaha DT parts tach cable,blinkers,fast p

thanks...the DT is a good starting ground but it is nowhere compared to the MTX and TSX i had in highschool

both of them run a 70 CC polini with a 22 on the honda and a 24 on the suzuki (both mikunis) and of cours homoet exhaust pipes

(back then i knew where to get parts)

both those bikes would run wel into the 70s AND pull the front up when downshifting into 3rd gear

that is pretty much where i want to end up with the DT

specially since the SOS made me register it as a motorcycle

Re: WTB yamaha DT parts tach cable,blinkers,fast p

took her out for the first time today

burried the needle which isnt saying much since the speedo only goes to 50 MPH

i think the bike hit about 54

not bad for bonestock but not where i need it too be just yet :)

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