this is the scaled down version of the NOI. its a little smaller and is specific to the KATIA.

only the rubber clutch and side covers are really interchangeable.

i have robbed the electrical out of it.

the engine has never been run. the case has been split. bearings, seals, and crank are immaculate. side covers are chrome. they look great.

done want much. i know someone out there could use the it for parts seeing is how the internals are different.

Re: FS: Garelli KATIA NOI

i need this spring (number 10). do you have it??

Re: FS: Garelli KATIA NOI

how much for the covers? can u post a pic of em

Re: FS: Garelli KATIA NOI

DAM' Fairchild /

i need a garelli clutch for a rslly sport, are they the same? how much?

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