stuff for sale

newport frame and swingarm, nice paint rusty tank-$20.

murray frame tank seat and fork, no swingarm $40.

incomplete trac project bike, rusty tank, i think it's seized$30.

Honda MB5 rims, tires are flat, no axles or brakes-$40.

ttlx frame, seat, turnsignals , rack, shocks, uhmm whatever else i can find for it- $20.00

OBO on everything. 100s of misc parts i'd sell everything as a lot cheap..

Re: stuff for sale

email sent regarding the murray stuff.

Re: stuff for sale

if there are 4 tunrsignals id like to see them and depending buy them

Re: stuff for sale

If you end up parting out the trac, there are a couple things I need.

Re: stuff for sale

I am looking for a flywheel cover and carburetor for the Trac Daelim. Do you have those?

Re: stuff for sale

i dont have a full set of signals, the tracs carb is locked up. i'll have to check out the flywheel cover.

everythings for sale so if you need a specific part hit me up.

Re: stuff for sale

Want the trac intake. Email me.

Re: stuff for sale

intakes gone sorry.

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