jawa for sale in tucson

'94 210, runs great, biturbo (not pictured), 34MPH on flats, 2900 miles, super-reliable ped, papers.


jawa haters feel free to give me free bumps.


Re: jawa for sale in tucson

she's a 1-speed.

Re: jawa for sale in tucson

why you sellin it

Re: jawa for sale in tucson

Vlado vlado /

deserting us...

Re: jawa for sale in tucson

yeah he prolly got a tomos so he can be like everybody else

Re: jawa for sale in tucson

jay: ha, ha! funny that you should say that. i put two mopeds up for sale (need the money more than i need mopeds, seriously!). the first was the jawa 210, and the second was my tomos A3 bullet trike. whichever one sold first, i would keep the other. as it turns out, i sold the jawa tonight, and i am left with the tomos trike. i am now going to take the trike tail off the tomos, put the fender and mags from a junker silver bullet i have in my yard, sell the trike tail, and have the tomos around for a spare. i had to get rid of one.

vlado: i'm not deserting you jawa lovers. i sold the x30 to a guy in our club, and sold the 210 to a really cool guy that is very excited, and will probably be on here hookin' up w/ you for parts. anybody talks shit about these much-maligned, awesome, eastern-bloc bikes, i'll pipe up in defense.

yeah, it's the end of an era for me. the jawa was the accidental oddity that got me started here. i'm a little sad about it. that puppy was sooo reliable!

unfortunately, time's tough here. the hobbit can keep up w/ traffic, and do it quickly, so that is my daily. i still have a '56 moby to get up. that's all i have left now. three peds: a daily, a classic, and a spare for a friend to ride.

so that's the delio. the jawa went first. who knows what mopeds lie ahead in my future? perhaps a 210 sport?

oh yeah, thx to both of you. you helped me keep my jawas running.

Re: jawa for sale in tucson

jay, how much should i ask for the trike section from my A3? made by moped specialty out of california. all complete.

Re: jawa for sale in tucson

you need a 2 speed 210 and you will be smoking the hobbit all stock regear it and be going almost 50 then throw the pipe on it do some porting drill out the jikov jet it and blast everybody

jawas are so much fuckin fun

after i move to florida and i get my 210 down there im gonna build it into a race bike aint no hills down there so il be able to gear it pretty high and being 2 speed it will still have plenty of take off

Re: jawa for sale in tucson

i have no idea what thats worth

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