Possibly WTT My Pinto La area

I am thinking about getting rid of my pinto, What I would like to do is trade it for a nice magnum. Depending on the condition of the magnum I would maybe want to keep my motor and install yours on the pinto. For the details- 1978 J.C. Penney Pinto 1, every part on the bike was just powder coated, It has EBR forks, superbike low rise bars, NOS magura controls, all new cables, powder coated snowflakes, stock seat pan lowered and moved back, new IRC zap tires, rare 40 tooth snowflake sprocket, new chains, Blue magnum grips. Frame, tank, swingarm, headlight, fork tripple trees all powder coated stardust silver. Wheels, bars, seat, cranks are all powder coated gloss black. I also just had the bike pinstriped last week in black and blue. This bike is rediculously nice and the only reason I want to get rid of it is for a magnum. Only looking for a trade, Not money so please dont ask! and Only willing to trade for a magnum, nothing else. if interested please shoot me an Email.


Re: Possibly WTT My Pinto La area

I forgot to mention, the bike is registered as well.

Re: Possibly WTT My Pinto La area

Pablo Puchasso /

bump for a rad bike.

Re: Possibly WTT My Pinto La area

dude ill just trade you my fs, weld a top tube, find a tank and seat and your set!!!....

im just jealous of your bike.....plus this is a secret bump

^^but consider it!

Re: Possibly WTT My Pinto La area

I still really want a magnum, you could have this lovely pinto or my Cobra listed in another post. Check it out.

Re: Possibly WTT My Pinto La area

I have a nice magnum worth trading. I posted on the other. Id trade my LTD for both :)

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