FS/FT Puch parts in Chicago

Have a bunch of stuff piling up Id like to get rid of.

za50 bottom end. clean and crank turns smoothly. oil injection has been removed and smoothed over. One of the head bolts is stripped and NEEDS to be retapped.

Also have another za50 that is in good shape but has a hard spot in the turning of the crank and does NOT run. I dont have the time or energy to attempt rebuilding this right now. Make me an offer.

Also.. I have stock Magnum hydraulic forks. a few parts have been painted but they are in great shape and work well.

I also have a puch simonini pipe that is in decent shape. I would be willing to trade it for another pipe that has no pedal conflicts or preferably a techno boss with some cash on top.

Ill post pictures of everything tonight and see if I have anything else.

Would be willing to trade for dellorto phgb carb body or complete carb, and maxi length ebr's. Otherwise make me a reasonable offer.

Re: FS/FT Puch parts in Chicago

Pablo Puchasso /

I'll trade you an 21mm OKO for something.

Re: FS/FT Puch parts in Chicago

Justin Robinson /

What were you interested in?

Re: FS/FT Puch parts in Chicago

yo ive got a black boss thats a little beat up but no leaks how much cash where you thinking? just email me.

Re: FS/FT Puch parts in Chicago

Jake Shaughnessy /

how much for the forks and za's?

Re: FS/FT Puch parts in Chicago

Pablo Puchasso /

I'd take the forks or a ZA50. I know I'd have to add cash... you tell me how much you think.

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