fs garelli stuff

first off, im not going to ship anything. but if youre in chicago then i have some stuff im trying to get rid of.

a 78 gran sport thats complete. to get it running it would just need a new piston, the cylinder seems fine. its just got low compression as it is now. $100. or if you want to take parts from it...

an 80 ssxl parts bike. rust bucket. it does have the 2 speed engine, which has compression. ive never tried to fire it up so i dont know a thing about it. it also has some gold 7 spoke mags that look really nice. $100

send me an email

Re: fs garelli stuff

you should really take those sweet mags off that ssxl and ship them to me!

Re: fs garelli stuff

Do you have pics?


Re: fs garelli stuff


Re: fs garelli stuff

þλ†Я¡¢k §¡§ΩИ /

Craig, Ive been waiting to hear from you about that ssxl. emailed once again.

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