Honda Express 1977

I have for sale a 1977 Honda Express. It has a 50cc 2 stroke engine and a top speed of 25 mph. This scooter does RUN and goes top speed but... It is VERY OLD.

What's Wrong With It

Broken Oil Injector (Workaround used mixed gas 40:1 ratio)

Missing Air Filter (Homemade on now... seems to work ok)

Broken Headlight (You would have to buy a new headlight)

No Battery (Just means no Headlight again)

Broken Speedometer (Not hooked up now, it acted like the gears in it were slipping, showed like 50 mph)

Broken Spring Start (Converted to kick-start seems to work even better LOL)

Still though once you get used to the workarounds, it'll take you around and it's pretty fun. Also may look into parting it out, I've seen carburetors go pretty high for this.

Thanks for Looking! Pickup only, I will start it for you.

Re: Honda Express 1977

Oh Yeah E-mail me at $50 or best offer. I live in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Re: Honda Express 1977


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