FS: 95 Kinetic

I am selling my 1995 Honda-Kinetic TFR Moped - same as a Vespa Ciao - $545 obo

I am located in San Fernando Valley, California (about 30 mins from Downtown Los Angelos)

has a single cylinder 49.86cc Automatic two-stroke engine and gets approximately 125 miles per gallon.

Only 280 original miles, New Plug, New Petcock, New Fuel Filter, New Tires, lights work great.

Chrome & Paint shiny and in excellent condition. Runs good!

Features include rear luggage rack on the back, center main stand, adjustable seat and handle bars, hydraulic rear shocks, telescopic front suspension, high/low beam headlight, front and rear drum brakes and reflectors, lockable steering, repair and parts manual included.

Built-in engine disconnect system allows the rider to pump the pedals for full manual operation if needed.

Meets all DOT requirements for street use.

Top speed: about 35MPH

1 cylinder

2 stroke

Air Cool

Automatic uni-ratio belt drive

Starting pedal

Tank - about 1 gal or 2.5 liters

Tire - 2.25x16

Weight - 104 lbs

* Brake - 2.5 bhp@6500 rpm


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