FS: Minarelli V1 - Tuned, Kitted, Lots of stuff!

For sale is a COMPLETE high performance Minarelli V1 off of one of my bikes.

The gooey details:

- Broken in but pretty much brand new Polini 75cc V1 kit (low mileage, but broken in for instant blasting!)

- The rare and elusive high compression head that's currently selling for $60 + at moped stores (plus shipping)

- Polished METAL (zomg, not plastic!!!) fan cover (It's a Carabela fan cover but can be easily shaved/grinded and then polished off [the logo that is] since the logo is a raised aluminum design.)

This engine is currently running and hits 40+MpH with 9/42 gearing running a ZEN 50cc pipe. The engine comes with a 9t front sprocket on it. The powerband is awesome on this bike. When the mid range pipe hits my front tire has a tendency to skip off the ground a bit on a slight incline if you're not careful. So much fun! BUT, I need money for other parts and would get more for parting it out than selling it to the local cheap asses (who know nothing about mopeds)

The engine has had a recent rebuild and is running amazingly well. Take the guesswork out of a build and buy the whole thing including pipe + carb and get to ripping! I know how hard it is to find a running V1...it took a long time to get this one for myself, but it's time to part with it!

Here is an idea of what I'm looking to get considering the parts on the motor as well as the condition it is in:


Based on this relative value:

Polini Kit - $150 @ Treats

ZEN 50cc Pipe - $130 @ Treats

PHBG 16mm - $90ish

Polini Intake - $17.5 @ Treats

High Comp. Head - $63 @ 1977

HT Coil + Wire - $40ish

Malossi E8 Air filter - $20 @ Treats

---------------------> TOTAL: $510 [NOT including the value of a running kick start case w/ working, tuned electronics!]

Of course they're not NEW per-se. So I don't expect that much exactly.

First $450 + shipping takes it all. Or, make me an offer on other parts!

EMAIL: artificialharmony@gmail.com


Re: FS: Minarelli V1 - Tuned, Kitted, Lots of stuf

Hex Inverter /

Oh shit, forgot to post some pictures. I haven't pulled the motor since I'm not sure if anyone even wants it, so here's a fairly old picture of it on the bike. Please excuse whatever ugliness you see, as it will be cleaned up before it's shipped out :)


Re: FS: Minarelli V1 - Tuned, Kitted, Lots of stuf

Hex Inverter /

Oh and also...the carb connector is no longer a piece of pool hose. It comes with the gas resistant carb clamp connector available on Treats.

Here's another picture with the pipe in view.


Re: FS: Minarelli V1 - Tuned, Kitted, Lots of stuf

I think your setup is cool and all, but $60 off new isn't much of a deal for used stuff. You're probably better off breaking it up...

Re: FS: Minarelli V1 - Tuned, Kitted, Lots of stuf

Hex Inverter /

It's not $60 off. Ya didn't read far enough or ya missed it.

That was just some rough math NOT INCLUDING the case, crank, electronics, yada yada. All in rustless, scarless RUNNING condition.

I've seen bottom ends without stators go for stupid prices sometimes, so I can't really put a price on that.

There's also the fact that Minarelli V1's are notably harder to find than E50's, 103's, AV7's, etc. You're not really seeing it here...I had a lot of trouble finding this motor to buy off someone else, so I know the prices people are willing to pay for one running with the demand for them at times.

So, it seems reasonable. The kit has maybe 150km on it. The rebuild has maybe 400 on the bottom end, same as the kit for the top end.

I'm sure someone that has a rolling frame laying around would find this a great deal. I'd say that's more like $160 off, if not more when you consider...you have to also factor in the cost of SHIPPING. Unless you mysteriously purchase a bottom end, kit, intake, carb, high compression head, etc. all at the same place - you're looking at hundreds spent on shipping piecing it together. I know the shipping is cheaper between states than it is to my country, but still - it's a lot of money over the time it takes to build a whole motor in most cases.

Of course someone living within commutable distance to a moped store would pay less...but that's not my target audience here.

I'm also not letting it go for pennies to cheap-os. I've put a lot of love and care into this motor and am not looking for a quick sale, or to 'help' anyone out other than myself in the end - though I'm glad that I can save someone a fair chunk of coin if this is exactly what they need to get their rolling frame complete - Good luck getting a blasting fast kitted bike made out of your $50 titled frame you found in a junk yard with a rust destroyed motor for under $500 by any other means is my point. You can't argue that it isn't cheaper.

I know what it's worth; not just to me. You also have to take into consideration that some of the parts on this motor can NOT be bought new (the high comp head for instance) - therefore the relative "values" I listed are indeed accurate since they are the same condition you would buy them from a store from; considering they are not produced anymore. You can't buy a 'new' kick start V1 case, unless of course you're talking NOS, but whatever.

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