1981 colt 4 for sale

1981 colt 4 moped It runs but it needs points was trying to fix but ordered the wrong points.so i give up .you can see it at

orangecountyfleamarket.com .yes it is a flea market site go to sams ride its in there make offer

it has no paper work but will give you a letter that you brought it and have it notarized .email is sams10940@yahoo.com i am about 15 miles away from the

ny nj pa border in new york right off highway 84

tks for looking


Re: 1981 colt 4 for sale

Too bad I'm so far away.......

Re: 1981 colt 4 for sale

mine I already have a kit for it

Re: 1981 colt 4 for sale

it sold today sold for 600

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