1992 Bullet tt A35

For sale in SW Mich is my white Bullet top tank with a A35 motor on her. These transitional models are farely rare between the A3 bullets and the targas with the A35 starting in the early 90's. The only reason im selling it is cuz im haveing car issues and i need to get my 85 Trac going again. When i got the Bullet it was DEAD, but i did the regular clean the carb, changed plug, and ended up replaceing the coil. it ran good for a while but acted like its getting to much air ( I THINK ITS THE SCREW FOR THE OIL INJECTOR, I TOOK THAT OFF AND MADE IT A PREMIX BIKE AND HAVNT REPLACED THAT SCREW) and then acted as if its not getting gas ( maybe dirty carb again... but no rust in the tank) but all these will be an easy fix once you drop the engine and tinker a bit. Has white mag wheels, seats in great shape, lights and horn work. its a sick looking bike, james bond would drive this. I need to get rid of it, i can email pics. $350

Re: 1992 Bullet tt A35

Justinnnnnnn /

Email me some pics, im in mid mich.

Re: 1992 Bullet tt A35

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Re: 1992 Bullet tt A35

Come on, post some pics up.

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