WTB- Tires!

i want a pair of sava MC11s in 2.25x17" they dont have to be brand new but still need to be in good enough shape to ride on for a while. ill also need tubes that are in decent shape as i suspect mine are from the late 1970s and could blow up at any moment. any other cool looking tires that hook up decently for a daily driver type moped (gazelles, GP1s, ect.)would be concidered.

WTB- Tires!

Bobby Sims /

knobbys would be cool also.

Re: WTB- Tires!

Mike Scouty McScoutington /

Shoot quarterkick an email or go to their site. They have some super good stuff and reasonable prices too.

Re: WTB- Tires!

check ebay dude.

Re: WTB- Tires!

i know this is gonna sound snobby but i dont see why anyone would run sava's at 75 dollars shipped when you could go to


or www.denniskirk.com

and get michelin gazelles or zap irc's for 30 dollars cheaper and have a better tire

Re: WTB- Tires!


and your done. shipping is alot, but the tires are cheap and it ends up like 50 bucks

for day to day riding, and even balls to the wall handling on dry pavement, the stiff sidewalls on a gazelle and the ability for you to hit sand or gravel or rain without ditching is so cool. Better tire. Cheaper. Questions?

Oh ok,they aint easier to get on the rim. But once on they are worth it.

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