WTB: Garelli 16" spokes


Straight, Shiny pair of 16" garelli spokes.

I have already gone through the headache of buying a shitty set. (actually recieved 2 rusty front wheels)

Please be honest.


Also on wishlist: Straight, Shiny SSXL front forks.

Re: WTB: Garelli 16" spokes

Timmy Southpark /

I have a set of tomos 5 stars i will ship to your door for $80. email me interested.

Re: WTB: Garelli 16" spokes

It's time for a trip to the Optometrist Jimmy...The man needs Garelli spokes not Tomos 5 stars.

Re: WTB: Garelli 16" spokes

I have some forks. Not shiny but not rusty, you could repaint them.

Re: WTB: Garelli 16


mike I did manage to find some forks, thanks for your help though.

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