FOR SALE: Tons of Tomos Rear Sprockets PARTS ETC .

Hey, I've got a TON of parts for sale from a stripped 2006 Tomos Streetmate. Ive got tons of rear sprockets for sale also, including 1 24 tooth, 1 28 tooth, and 2 31 tooths. ALl are in fantastic shape!.

Ive got the seat, front end, brakes, low end of engine, frame parts, chrome parts, cables, bolt/nuts/ horns, etc etc!/

Email me at and let me know what you need.

Attached are a few pics of the sprockets and more!

Thanks again!


Re: FOR SALE: Tons of Tomos Rear Sprockets PARTS E

i still want the front end with brakes/wheel


I don't see any sprockets in the pics. I do see a Tomos bottom end.

Re: Bottom End

Chris McGrogan /

how much for the bottom end how many miles you think

Re: Pics?

sorry about that. i tried uploading multiple files and it didnt work. nowo with this post is the correct image.


Re: Pics?

I need a headlight assembly and bracket off a streetmate.

Re: Bottom End

ill do $75+ shipping. it has exactly 653 miles on it. When i stripped it completely i recorded the odometer reading.

all you need is a top end. throw some atf type a or type f and your ready to rock

Re: Pics?

all ive got it the front lens with silver "rim" for the front of the headlight, i dont have the whole rear "half sphere" it broke on my during dissasembly.

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