1987derbi variant sport

i have a derbi variant sport 1987. it is so much fun to ride! i'm very new to moped's, but i love them! anyway. the spark plug hole stripped out, so my brother drilled it out, and put a heli-coil in, but that stripped out too! so i need a new cylinder head. where do i get one? and if i absolutely can't get one... i don't have the money to have it tig welded in, then drilled and tapped by a machine shop. so if i can't get a head, then i'll sell it. please help! i don't want to sell it, but i have only 100 bucks to buy a head for it.

Re: 1987derbi variant sport

Pretty much the same bolt pattern as puch and tomos. so dont sweat it, if you cant find a derbi head, there are plenty of the others to go round.

How ever if you want to sell that bike, let me know.

Re: 1987derbi variant sport

serious? saweet! thanks so much! do i just check ebay? anyway. i'm going to california october 7th. for 2 years, and i can't take it with. i hate to let it sit for 2 years, and gum up the carburetor... i honestly have no idea what its worth. i'll put up pictures. its kinda rough. but it use to run like a champ! :) and hopefully it will again. soon. also, is that the stock exhaust? that expansion pipe looks huge for a 49cc!

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i just bought a cylinder head for a puch free spirit! $24.99. it looks like it will fit! the heat fins even look similarly shaped! now just 1-6 business days :) anyone want to buy it?

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You are really quite excitable arnt you? Ever come up with a picture? Do you have the ability to put it on a pallet and take it to a shipper?

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I have a derbi head I could have sold you. It has the decomp valve. It might be hard to start the bike without one.

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yeah, i could pallet it. how much does shipping on something like that cost? and my old one had a decomp valve but i never had it hooked up. it started way easy.


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like i said, its kinda rough shape. heres whats wrong. you might not be interested once you know... there aren't any rear brake pads. its never had them as long as i've owned it, or a rear brake lever, or cable, i've never bothered because the fronts work pretty good. also, the speed-o box is siezed, so the speeedometer doesn't work. the seat looks like poop. and the frame looks like someone tried to jump it, bent the frame, bent it back, and welded square tubing along the side. and my neighbor said they had a little cover that went over the carburetor box area thing. the headlight, tailight, and horn do work though :) the carburetor might need to be cleaned again. i don't know how long it takes to gum them up, but its been 4 or 5 months sinse i've riden it because of the head.


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it does have brand new "hi performance" tires though :)


Re: 1987derbi variant sport

derbi. hosed seat.


Re: 1987derbi variant sport

250$ you put it on a skid I have a company pick it up.

Email me

Re: 1987derbi variant sport

come on ed why you snakin me? If you would take every thing off the bike and put it in to boxes, Ill give you 300 shipped. I don't want the frame forks or seat.

I want

motor and everything attached

wheels and what ever are attached to them

handle bars and all controls.



Re: 1987derbi variant sport

sorry.. no snarking. I thought this was a pass..

nate, no problem sir.

He bump it? sorry nate

first time I seen it. :(

Re: 1987derbi variant sport

Plus so he knew I was for really I offered the amount I did, nate.

Really sorry its yours. :) You could of email me also.

Re: 1987derbi variant sport

i want this bike

Re: 1987derbi variant sport

nate you might want the swingarm too.

that is a really fair offer for that piece of shit btw.

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