Puch E50 Kitted/port matched/fully loaded

1978 Puck maxi frame

fully stripped and repainted(white) (multiple primer, paint and clear coats). The previous owner cut the rear fender it looks decent.

painted snowflake mags (Black) mildly used tires (higher speed) modified tail and bars, re-greased head bearings and front shocks(not installed, still has the old shocks) new chain (25), rebuilt rear bearings

e50 engine

$225-64cc Polini kit w/ gaskets, port matched and polished (like a mirror)

$30-70 cc high compression head

$75-4 petal intake manifold (19-21mm carb)

$110-stuffed race crank

$175-homoet 6p pipe

$30-bearings and seals

$75-CDI starter pack w/ high performance ignition coil

$90-reinforced three shoe race clutch

$80-21mm Delorto PHBG

I have the frame and the engine separate right now but would like to sell them together. The engine has never been started and no tuning has been done at all. It is all complete and together waiting to be installed on a frame. All of the work was done for the white maxi for a friend who ended up leaving this area. All together the engine parts without labor totals $890 and the frame wheels/tires/etc is worth at least $100.00. Together I would sell them for $850.00, Just the engine/parts I would sell for $775.00 So if you are thinking of building one up like this you might as well get it already done and save yourself 100+ dollars.

Things it does need - I have some cables but it may need a couple, it needs a new petcock(15 bucks), gas line, and the controls (Throttlebody/grips/levers etc). rear brake (I can get one if you think you can't find one)

If you are interested email me at Mgsisson@vt.edu Located in Blacksburg, VA

Re: Puch E50 Kitted/port matched/fully loaded


Re: Puch E50 Kitted/port matched/fully loaded

Want to sell any of the parts? If so, let me know on the intake and the 6P....I may be interested. What kind of intake? (polini or mallosi)

Re: Puch E50 Kitted/port matched/fully loaded

I would like to keep it together, If I cannot sell it that way I will let you know. It is the polini if I remember correctly, I will need to double check.


Re: Puch E50 Kitted/port matched/fully loaded


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