WTB 70cc pug head w/o decomp

Subject says it. I need badly a 70cc peugeot head without decomp hole. Malossi is preferred, but polini would work fine. Please, someone help me out!!

Re: WTB 70cc pug head w/o decomp


Someone must have one for a peugeot project that fell to the way and now it is just collecting dust.


Re: WTB 70cc pug head w/o decomp

i have a malossi 70 w/ decomp and a decomp plug. if youre interested.

Re: WTB 70cc pug head w/o decomp

Andrew, Thanks but that is what I have right now. I already blew a hole straight through a piston from what must have been an air leak in that same setup. I am now using an 80cc parma head, which was the only head w/o decomp I could find in a pinch. I don't really want to use a head that has any type of decomp hole in it.....plug or decomp valve. Thanks though.

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