wtb: helmet

hey i was wondering if anyone had any extra helmets they would like to sell. not a full face one, just one that covers the head.

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§ćŗάτçλmªřċ • /

dude, go for the full face. your jawbone will thank you if it ever happens to bang the pavement, just sayin.

you should be able to get a good used (no cracks or scrapes!) Bell for cheap on CL, if no one here has anything.


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you should not really get a used helmet...

1. Your suggested to get a new every 2 years.

2. Its sorta nasty...

3. It could be damaged and you would never know until it was too late...

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I have 2 small Helmets (but they're full faced.)

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yeah, used helmets are sheisty. Don't get one on CL unless it's in the box, with the stickers and tag still on (it happens more often than you think)

Even then be careful, it still could have been dropped and there's no way of knowing. Then the polysterene or whatever coating is broken and if you get hit in the same spot your brain is going to take a lot more impact.

Just get one online, or at a dealership. A couple hundred bucks to save your life and/or your punum is a pretty good deal tbh.

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Adam Kollipara /

hi, go to your local motorcycle shop, ebay or another online website.


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ebay has lots of new, full faced helmets for not expensive.

i agree...your face, teeth, and jaw will thank you if you ever wreck, your fault or not.

just the fact that drivers here are super inconsiderate to mopeds and cyclists made made me go full face. don't get facial reconstruction if you don't have to, y'know?

a friend of mine here was riding his bike home and was struck by a cyclist. the cyclists head hit my friends face, and literally shattered everything. he had his jaw wired shut for months as part of the recovery. after 2 facial reconstructive surgeries looks like a different dude.

thats just what can happen on a bike. phil wasnt going fast at all.

wtb: helmet

I have a NIB helmet....Its a half helmet, black with silver racing stripe. It has ear flaps that you can or can not use....let me know if your interested.

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got one brand new in box. Size large. Full face. Paid $90 will sell for $75

wtb: helmet

only buy one if you can try it on first

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