1985 general 5 star

I have two TE 5 star General 1985 mopeds for sale very good shape.

Re: 1985 general 5 star

Pics Please!

Re: 1985 general 5 star

There are pics in the new ad under 5 star general


Re: 1985 general 5 star

My mother always told my brothers and I that we were gonna make her go to the the nuthouse in traverse city, We lived in Oscoda at the time.

Re: 1985 general 5 star

Your showing your age, the nuthouse here has been closed for years and years. The state turned us all loose to fend for ourselves as best we could. Make me a crazy offer on those two beautiful general 5 stars.

Re: 1985 general 5 star

check out what traverse city state hospital/asylum now...


this is one of the finest rehab projects ever....and a rarity for a former state hospital/asylum. former state hospitals...despite being on the national historic register...have been getting wiped off the earth over the past couple years thanks to developers coming in to demo them and build new, ugly condos made out of shit materials. take pride in traverse city...they did the building right. :)

Re: 1985 general 5 star

Yes, The Commons at Traverse City, as it's called now, is a thing of beauty, the buildings that have been restored are very cool the old style of building is impressive to view. For those into the world of restless spirits, there are some very strang things to explore allso.

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