WTB any e50 puch between FL and NC!

So I got a sweet e50, but nothing to put it on.. and being a moby guy, that's all I've got! Anyone got some fixer-uppers for sale/trade?

Re: WTB any e50 puch between FL and NC!

Nick, I have just the thing for you.

I have a Pinto with...

-Korado mags

-New Old Stock tank

-Flat bars

-Perfect 1.5 seat

-Treats black shocks

-Gold 415 chain

It's complete except for a top end and carb. The E50 on it now is in running order, it's just that the top left stud hole is stripping out. You can tap it one size bigger to M7, and use a Tomos stud, which I'll include. You're putting a different motor on, anyway, so you probably don't care.

I'm in Orlando. I'll either sell outright, or, I'm sorta wanting to trade towards an 'ok' stock bike. So if you would part with one of your nearly-stock Mobys, I would trade this plus a little $$.

I'll get a good pic for you.. for now I attached a modely pic my friend took.. please note that the tank in the picture is gone and there are no corny stickers on the new one

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