Flywheel Puller, etc.

Looking for a flywheel puller for my Odyssey. Size is 22X1.5 i believe. Also want a top dead center measuring device, piston stopper and coupling puller. Anybody have any or all of these things or know where I can find them? thanks in advance for the help.

Re: Flywheel Puller, etc.

im guessing you talking about a solo odyssey

flywheel puller is the standard bosch puller same as puch

top dead center device is called a timing tool just use a pencil its easy and free

piston stop is cheap and easy to get from any online moped shop or you can stuff some rope in the spark plug hole and do the same thing

i have no idea what a coupling puller is

Re: Flywheel Puller, etc.

yeah i am talking a solo odyssey. It says you need a coupling puller on this new one i just got because it has the clutch without the lever starter, basically peddle until you go i guess. Never seen one like that before but I figured someone must know what it is.

Re: Flywheel Puller, etc.

i never seen a solo like that

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