BOSTON- Looking for 1st Moped- HELP!

Just moved to Boston from Iowa and need a cheap way to commute to work. I would really love a moped/scooter but am on a TIGHT budget (hopefully no more than $300). Looking for a reliable machine, hopefully with room for a bag of groceries on a rack. Is this realistic?

I am reluctant to buy bikes advertised "just needs..." as I have no experience fixing bikes.

Can anyone help me out? Do you know a (trusted) aquaintence who would sell? Do you have what I am looking for?Advice? Search tips (using craigslist and here).

Really need this community's help/advice.



Re: BOSTON- Looking for 1st Moped- HELP!

You should try e-bay.

also a manual and a moped army swarm by you.

More like 400 for a reliable ped.

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