FS: Puch Spoked rims w/ 36t --- tomos 5 stars

Timmy Southpark /

Pretty nice straight "wide rims." Comes with 36T speed sprocket. No tires included. Wheels have some surface rust that i believe would clean off well... wheels could look great with a good cleaning. $80 to your door. Email me if interested. thanks

Also have a decent straight set of tomos 5 stars. Needs some cleaning, paint isnt perfect but they are decent shape. $100 to your door.


Puch pic 2

Timmy Southpark /



Tomos 5 stars

Timmy Southpark /



Tomos 5 stars 2

Timmy Southpark /

pic 2!


Re: FS: Puch Spoked rims w/ 36t --- tomos 5 stars

Email sent on the tomos wheels

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