FS Dell'Orto 20mm flatslide and 21mm PHBG

For sale:

A 20mm Dell'Orto VHBZ flatslide carb. Very nice carb with all the functions you'd want. It has an external main jet (Switching jets takes me 2 minutes, no removing of carb necessary), pilot jet and choke jet. Main jet is Dell'Orto large (Opposed to Dell'Orto small, that the PHBG uses).

I'll include an "intake". It's an aluminium tube Graham made for me. It fits the carb (28.5mm slide-on diameter) and you can use it as a spigot-conversion or with rubbers to attach to an intake.

Also included are 8 mainjets sizes 86 90 94 96 98 100 105 110. (Enough to get you started)

Only downside is that there's a piece broken off the threads for a velocity stack. I don't know if a velocity stack will still fit, but fitting an air filter is no problem.

And a word of warning: This carb is on the edge of overkill/not overkill on my tuned 70cc RGD. I would not recommend running this on a normal 70cc kit, as it will be a PITA to tune. Don't be fooled by the venturi diameter, this thing is HUGE and meant for fast engines. If you're not experienced with tuning carbs properly, you do not want this carb!

On the other side, if you get this tuned right it has incredible throttle response and rides great.

2nd carb is a 21mm PHBG slide-on carb. Not much to tell about it. It's about 700 miles old (tops) and is as good as new, maybe a bit less shiny.

I want around $65 for the PHBG and around $75 for the VHBZ, excluding shipping. I'm in the Netherlands, so shipping would be around $20 to $35. (Depends on the weights of the total package)


Re: FS Dell'Orto 20mm flatslide and 21mm PHBG

MAdeleted nitronick /

how much for the proma lowboy?

Re: FS Dell'Orto 20mm flatslide and 21mm PHBG

Not for sale

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