WTB: Puch #22 Piston

Looking to buy a complete Puch #22 piston (high-torque). Need the one with the top L-type (dyke) ring. That top ring is positioned nearly flush with the piston's crown.

Wanted: piston, both rings (L top and FG bottom), wrist pin.

Can pay via PayPal. Email me at ccardone1@hotmail.com

Thanks, Chris in GA

Re: WTB: Puch #22 Piston

I have a #22 top end. What are you paying for just the piston/rings/pin/etc?

Re: WTB: Puch #22 Piston

Brian, I'll send you an email.


Re: WTB: Puch #22 Piston

Msg. sent

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