WTB 17in Garelli Snowflakes

Kind of a weird search because I need two rear wheels. Don't ask me why because then everybody will want them ;-)

For partial trade:

I have a nice 17in front Garelli Snowflake, a freshly powdercoated 17in front Puch Snowflake with sealed bearings, a set of 16in wire Garelli wheels w/ good Sava tires, a set of 17in wire Puch wheels. I also have a new, 70cc cylinder for a NOI Garelli if you're interested. Also also I have a set of stock Magnum forks. Anything or everything can go with the right offer.

Re: WTB 17in Garelli Snowflakes

Or Sachs.

Basically I need two 17in rear wheels, that match, that are single sprocket type.

Thanks in advance.

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