WTB: Tomos A3/A35 motor

I've recently acquired a '77 Tomos A3sp, but now that I've gotten everything cleaned up and ready to go, I found out the engine is seized. I'm hoping to find a new motor to get it running.

I'm not sure what the compatibility is, if you can fit an A35 or an A55 motor to the A3sp frame, I'd be more than happy to get one of those as well. Let me know what you have!


Re: WTB: Tomos A3/A35 motor

hey man

i just took 3 tomos mopeds in trade for a Batavus.

1 tomos is a golden bullet and complete. i will be working on

that one.

2 other tomos mopeds have the A3 engines.

these get parted out.

looks like i have 1 good bottom end.

don*t know the condition of the clutches and i am new

to tomos mopeds/

let me know if you need them


Re: WTB: Tomos A3/A35 motor

Hey, I'm sending you an email to leo.heyman@yahoo.com to see if you have what I need.


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