FS: Puch - Tomos - Peugeot - box of parts

Make me an offer on the entire box or with enough interest in individual parts I will part things out individually. I am also interested in trades for Sachs motor parts, specifically for a 'D' crankshaft in good shape with minimal play, Sachs/peugeot performance pipes, or CDI's to fit a 504.

Here's a list:

-4 puch sidecovers, grey-

-6 Puch sidecover screws NOS (4 short, 2 long)-

-1 Puch magnum cylinder/head-

-1 puch maxi cylinder NOS-

-1 Garelli cyl head-

-1 puegeot cylinder -head-

-2 Puch kickstands-

-2 pedals-

-4 pedal crank arms-

-1 Tomos piston-

-2 Puch piston rings NOS-

-2 tomos exhaust baffles NOS-

-2 tomos brake assemblys NOS-

-1 puch brake assembly (no pads)-

4 lelu Puch brake pads-

-1 Bosch ign. coil NOS-

-1 Italian ignition coil-

-1 puch stator plate, complete used-

-1 Italian stator plate + coils NOS-

-1 tomos reed valve NOS-

-2 tomos headlight bulb fittings NOS-

-3 VDO/puch speedo gears NOS-

-1 pr. Puch clutch pads stamped '3.77' -

-1 set Tomos engine seals NOS-

-2 Tomos airboxes -

-Random assortment of late model Tomos fork parts-

-2 Puch suspension fork dust caps NOS-

-1 puch tail lense NOS (used on many other mopeds, as well)-

-1 bos of used chains, many still good. -

-2 handlebars-

-1 Puch maxi/newport rear swing-arm NOS-

-1 puch maxi fork crown, red-

-1 Tomos fork crown Silver-

-2 CEV headlight lenses, 1 NOS-

-1 Tomos old-model speedometer, and speedometer bucket-

-1 Batavus Headlight fairing and speedo holder, tan, in tact-

-1 NOS tomos speedometer holster-

-2 magnetos: tomos/idm NOS-

-2 magnetos CEV, Motoplat-

-3 sets Tomos a55 Engine gaskets NOS-

-1 Tomos reed valve gasket NOS-

-7 Tomos cylinder base gaskets NOS-

-2 Peugeot magneto covers-

-1 Peugeot Clutch sidecover-

-2 Peugeot/gurtner airboxes-

-1 Puegeot/gurtner carb throttle slide, throttle cap, and spring-

-1 Puch 12mm intake manifold-

-Various Puch literature, previously used at a dealership (catalogs, parts catalogues, partial repair manual...)


Re: FS: Puch - Tomos - Peugeot - box of parts

John Schneider /

Whats with the Tomos piston, size, new, used, Pictures, cost

Email me

Re: FS: Puch - Tomos - Peugeot - box of parts

What number cylinders are they?

Re: FS: Puch - Tomos - Peugeot - box of parts

Rob @t ATTN! Burrito /

is your email broke? keep gettin failed delivery notices. email me a for a quote on the box=-=

Re: FS: Puch - Tomos - Peugeot - box of parts


Re: FS: Puch - Tomos - Peugeot - box of parts

I'd be more than happy to take the sidecovers, screws, and swing arm for the Puch. What's your PayPal?

Re: FS: Puch - Tomos - Peugeot - box of parts

Michael Thomas /


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