FS : Puch SHA intake

Chromey one from treats. virtually brand new, maybe 10miles. looking for a good rear moby pulley, as mine is a bit bent. or make me an offer.

Re: FS : Puch SHA intake

I'll give you ten bucks + ship, holla. E-mail me your paypal.

Re: FS : Puch SHA intake

I've got this parts moby. What do you need? I'll trade stuff for it for sure. Shoot me an email!


Re: FS : Puch SHA intake

Brendens, if you've got a straight rear pulley w/ bearings and shims that doesn't wobble, I would trade you out right. Let me know

Re: FS : Puch SHA intake

It spins nice with good bearings etc. Email me and we can work something out!!

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