WTB : Straight Moby Pulley

Mines all wobbly, looking for one thats straight.

Re: WTB : Straight Moby Pulley

not sure what you mean - what part is wobbly? usually quarterkick/treats is the way to go for this tool.

Re: WTB : Straight Moby Pulley

when its riding there is a wobble, im assuming its where the pulley contacts the shaft, and is out of round. or possibly there is a slight bend in the pulley

Re: WTB : Straight Moby Pulley

haha. man, i misread this as "puller" and not pulley, and had no idea what the hell you were talking about.

you can get a peugeot puller, which is plastic and therefore wont get all warped. you can also get a doppler pulley from treats or 1977, but there have been some questions as to finding/installing the correct front sprocket.

Re: WTB : Straight Moby Pulley

Jon, There are 2-3 Mobys over here at my junkyard. He will be closed til early Aug. according to the sign on the gate. I can check there for you, and might be possible t get it before we go to Jesse's & EZ's ride. And, you would have to send me a pic of what you are looking for, as I have no clue about these peds. You know me, pull the whole damn engine off the ped, and bring it to you.

How is the Korado going? You have my number, or email.

Re: WTB : Straight Moby Pulley

The Rev. Dr. M. L. Jr. /


It's very unlikely that the pulley is out-of-round. It can partially split in half, or have bends in the outer rim, either of which _effectively_ would make it behave out of round. Both are very fixable.

More than likely, it's just bent in the hub area. They are almost as easy to straighten as to bend - just find a piece of round the exact same size as the pulley shaft, fix it in a vise, and apply judicious force. Tweak it around until it's right...


P.S. you could also have a failed bearing in the hub, which is easy to check for.. just check for play / rocking on the shaft.

WTB : Straight Moby Pulley

Jerry Franek /

If nothing else works out for you I have a decent pulley. PM for pics.

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