1979 Jawa Babetta

I'm looking to buy a 79' Jawa Babetta this weeekend. Does anyone know about the quality of these bikes? The owner is asking for $350. It is in running condition, and is untitled, which I know lowers the value of the bike for a lot of people. What do you think is a fair price for the bike(low-high)?

Re: 1979 Jawa Babetta

You may be talking about this bike? its in stevens point


Re: 1979 Jawa Babetta

looks to be a P.O.S

Re: 1979 Jawa Babetta

Vlado vlado /

ad says OBO so give him some!

350 is too much...

Re: 1979 Jawa Babetta

If your looking for a bike in this area let me know. I have something better than a jawa.

Re: 1979 Jawa Babetta

try and ask the person to sell to you for less.

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