Maxi Gas Caps

I have 2 Brand New Maxi gas caps (late night botched ordering)

I would like to sell them, I guess make me an offer?

Re: Maxi Gas Caps

actual puch, like NOS shit, or just straight chrome?

Re: Maxi Gas Caps


Re: Maxi Gas Caps

str8 chrome caps!

Re: Maxi Gas Caps

let's get rid of these bad boys

will trade for bing jetzzz

Re: Maxi Gas Caps

kinda not the item you say make an offer for considering treats and 77 sells them for ten bucks.

Re: Maxi Gas Caps

i was asking ppl to make an offer like

"i'll buy both for 10"


"i have some sweet stickers and a high five i'll trade you"

honestly i don't think i'll get more than 5 for them, but I want them gone so i can stop reliving that terrible night

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